Equivalence of a yield/resume model with asynchronous callbacks

Posted: May 25th, 2011 | Author: Mars | Filed under: Reference | Comments Off

Bruno Jouhler’s Yield – Resume vs. Asynchronous Callbacks – An Equivalence continues a series of interesting explorations on asynchronous behavior using JavaScript.

Y-R Javascript is a small extension to Javascript. It introduces a new operator that can be applied to function definitions and function calls. The @ sign is the yield and resume operator. When present in a function definition, it means that the function executes asynchonously. Somewhere in its body, the function yields to the system and the system calls it back with a result or an error. It may actually yield and resume more than once before returning to its caller. I will call such a function an asynchronous function, in contrast with normal Javascript functions (defined without @) that I will naturally call synchronous functions.

In this post I want to investigate the relationship between this fictional Y-R Javascript language on one side and Javascript with asynchronous callbacks on the other side.

I will show that any program written in Y-R Javascript can be mechanically translated into an equivalent Javascript program with asynchronous callbacks, and vice versa.

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