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Documentation about the DWARF debugging data format.


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I burned myself out working on binary search trees and object members back in January and have taken the last couple of weeks off from Radian work. I’m starting to feel the inspiration come back, so I’ll probably have more progress to report soon.

In the meantime, here’s an interesting article by Martin Fowler about version control tools:

So this leaves three tools that my contacts are generally happy with. I find it interesting that all three are open-source. Choosing between these tools involves first deciding between a centralized or distributed VCS model and then, if you chose DVCS, choosing between git and mercurial.

Most of the time, the choice between centralized and distributed rests on how skilled and disciplined the development team is. A distributed system opens up lots of flexibility in work-flow, but that flexibility can be dangerous if you don’t have the maturity to use it well. Subversion encourages a simple central repository model, discouraging large scale branching. In an environment that’s using Continuous Integration, which is how most of my friends like to work, that model fits reasonably well. As a result Subversion is a good choice for most environments.